If you’re like most college students, you’ve probably acquired a bit of student debt already. HAVE NO FEAR. We’ll help you with some resources and ideas to limit how much more you take on, AND give you some ideas on how to pay it off quickly after graduation.

As a college student, you’re probably just working your way through to the end of the semester, not necessarily thinking about 2-5 years out. However, one thing we think you should be thinking about is the freedom that comes with limited or no debt from college. The degree is a door-opener, for sure, but your options and opportunities will exponentially multiply if you’re on top of your money starting right now.

We’ve created a downloadable guide that will help steer some of your financial decisions, will help you answer some of the pressing questions as graduation looms near, AND will give you ideas on how to limit or eliminate debt in a flash.


  • The single biggest 'GOTCHA' when it comes to finances in college. Learning this could save you tens of thousands over time.
  • How to seek out and find free money on campus to help you graduate with significantly less debt. Only a fraction of students know about these opportunities.
  • Why paying back your loans requires a strategy different from the one your student loan servicer gives you.