Iowa was ranked the #1 state in the nation in terms of average student loan indebtedness as of 2010. We’re slowly making our way up the list, currently sitting at #6 in the country, but we have a long way to go.

72% of our state currently has student loan debt and the average amount for graduates in Iowa is $29,370. While that number may not seem extraordinary, the individual experiences can be overwhelming, especially when borrowing that amount of money is often misunderstood.

Our current college students and graduates are drowning in debt, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time we stand together to educate, inform, and empower.


To make Iowa the most financially-literate state in the Nation, by changing the way we approach and understand how to finance higher education. To affect change, we believe we must change the behaviors of students (who take on debt) and change the way parents talk to their kids about pursuing a college degree. We must educate the next generation in order to prevent another TRILLION dollars being borrowed in the next decade.


A group of Iowa filmmakers crowd-funded a documentary called Broke, Busted & Disgusted, with the sole goal of empowering the next generation to make better financial decisions. The film answers the question ‘What are the causes and repercussions of student debt?’ in a way that is impactful, informational, and entertaining to a wide variety of audiences. By screening the film in high schools throughout the state, our goal is to empower pre-loaners and their parents to pursue higher education in the most cost effective way possible.


There are 386 high schools spread out over 99 counties in the state of Iowa. We have identified strategic partners to help us reach out to these schools and offer the film as both an assembly screening as well as a parent screening night. A downloadable resource will be available to help foster the discussion at these events, as well as at home around the dinner table after the event. We believe that the conversations NOT being had currently are part of the student loan debt epidemic. Through the film and corresponding resource guide, we’ll have a huge impact on making sure the conversations WILL be had and different decisions will be made.


While most schools are struggling to find funds for such a program, we would like to make the screenings FREE to the school system by partnering with credit unions to underwrite the cost of delivering the message.

We operate with a lean team and as such have kept our operating expenses to the bare minimum. However, getting the message out requires an investment of time, energy, and resources and that’s where we would love to partner.

For each contribution of $300, we're able to provide a digital copy of the film licensed for the year to one school. Along with the digital copy, the school will receive a screening guide, FAQ document, as well as a discussion kit for teachers to employ in the classroom. 

Credit Unions across the state have banded together to cover the 386 high schools in Iowa, so whether you'd like to name certain community schools or just sponsor a certain quantity, every dollar counts towards the financial education of our state's young people and families. 


The Iowa Credit Union Foundation has made it easy to contribute to the mission. Simply CLICK HERE.



This is the film we are striving to have every high school student (and parent) see. We recommend hitting the "HD" button to see the film in it's best quality AND to watch it full screen. Currently this link is private - please do not share.



  1. By having your Credit Union associated with the film, you are in front of an impressionable younger potential member base.
  2. Financial Education has always been a focus for credit unions, while access to schools is somewhat limited. This provides a mutually beneficial way of engaging your local schools.
  3. Because banks aren’t being asked to participate.
  4. It’s good for the community. Less money borrowed for school means more money staying in the local economy.
  5. The film will impact the entire junior and senior class while a scholarship only benefits students on an individual basis.
  6. More student loan debt means less qualified borrowers in the future.
  7. There are several PR opportunities from sponsoring an event like this. Newspaper, television, and radio stories will be mined from the screenings.
  8. Parents will appreciate the impact made by credit unions banding together on the project. Most of whom have little to no idea of how the lending system works in higher ed today.
  9. Some of your members will unknowingly co-sign for 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of Parent Plus loans, creating stress and anxiety when some of them don’t pay.
  10. We believe Iowa can be the most financially literate state in the nation and we’d love to partner with credit unions to help achieve that lofty goal

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