Iowa currently ranks as the #6 state in the nation in terms of average student loan indebtedness.  72% of our state currently has student loan debt and the average amount for graduates in Iowa is $29,370. We are on a mission to change that narrative through education and this documentary film. 

To make Iowa the most financially-literate state in the Nation, by changing the way we approach and understand how to finance higher education. To affect change, we believe we must change the behaviors of students (who take on debt) and change the way parents talk to their kids about pursuing a college degree. 


Thanks to generous sponsorship with the Iowa Credit Union League and credit unions across Iowa, we are able to bring this documentary film to every high school in Iowa at NO COST to the schools. To get started on changing the narrative of debt ridden college students, fill out the form below. 


Northeast Iowa Community College, Enrollment Specialist - Jane Boge
Broke, Busted and Disgusted is the most eye-opening and jaw-dropping documentary that addresses the crisis of high student loan debt head-on! This film will reshape how you view college costs and loan debt.  It is a must-see for all high school students, parents, faculty and staff.


North Penn High School, Guidance Counselor - Sam Feeney
This film matters because it makes student loan debt real for the viewer; instead of just statistics that are too big to mean much to us personally, we get to see the faces of the successful college grads who are struggling under the weight of student loans and the impact that their teenage financial decisions are having on their adult lives.  This movie connects those dots.  It is the missing link between the ignorance of 18-year-olds and the regret of 23-year-olds.  However, instead of leaving the viewer hopelessly resigned to the same fate as the subjects, it empowers them to seek creative solutions to graduating debt-free.  You owe it to every teenager you know to watch this!

Danville High School, CTE-Business Instructor - Lois J. Roth
Have you ever walked by a bulletin board; driven down a particular street and then one day you LOOKED to discover a house you never noticed or a message never read?  All along it has been there, but you missed it?

An umbrella definition of 'college', that it's all about the college you want to attend (is the mascot cute?) and we'll talk about how much it tallies after you graduate.

Broke Busted & Disgusted calls this to a halt.  'College' is defined honestly, there should be a blueprint to program choices and locations while cost realities are discussed early! Set aside your electronic distractions--view it once, view it again with a notepad and pen.  The change of habit will take some doing, but well worth the efforts!

Ames High School, Accounting Teacher - Rhonda Schmaltz
I have just finished watching it for the 2nd time, and I have to say it is one of the best documentaries on the importance of financial literacy for young people I have seen. Particularly for the choices of college and student loan debt. 

  • Interviews of students extremely powerful. Their comments are well worth the watch.
  • Extremely informative for both students and parents!
  • Information and data presented in a straight-forward easily understood format.
  • Provides the platform for students and parents to begin or continue the conversations on financing education!
  • Shows how much the decision of funding post-secondary education has changed for this generation.
  • Should be shown to every junior and senior in high schools as well as their parents.

Central College, Assistant Director of TRIO Program - Ellie Burns
The cost of college continues to rise and students are uninformed about the financial burdens they are incurring by doing what’s expected, earning a college degree. Broke, Busted and Disgusted is an eye opener that should be watched by everyone from students and parents to academic administrators to policy makers because it is going to take us all, working together, to make change.



By joining the mission to reduce student loan indebtedness, you'll receive our School Screening Kit that includes:

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  • Higher Education Guide

    • This guide covers methods to pursuing higher education in a cost effective manner, and other debt avoidance/elimination strategies.
  • Screening Guide

    • To assist in a successful showing of the film, we've put together a great PDF that is sure to stir great conversation about higher education and student loan indebtedness. 
  • Free Copies

    • You'll receive coupon codes for students and their parents to view the film at home for free, ensuring the college conversation is happening outside the classroom (where it's most important). 


The process to gain access to the School Screening Kit is easy! Simply click the button and fill out the form. Then you'll receive an email with instructions. Thank you for joining the mission to reduce student loan indebtedness.

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