When going to college, make sure you’re financially prepared for it. Looking back... I wish I had applied for more scholarships, or sought out other resources.
— Justin Farris, the guy who paid off $32,000 in 8 months.



In pursuit of higher education, the best way to reduce your debt burden is to be pro-active, instead of re-active. The best way to save the most money is to borrow less upfront (ie: scholarships), and pay less afterwards (ie: refinancing). Take action on these resources now!


Every year over $3 BILLION dollars in scholarships goes unused. That's a lot of free money lying around that could help you! See how our friend Jocelyn got a degree for free by attending her free webinar. Click the button below to see when the next one is.


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These kids don’t make their own meals, they’ve never done laundry, and yet we’re asking them to make a decision that will affect them the rest of their lives.
— Will Carter, father from the film.


Our mission is to help students graduate with less debt. We want you to know, before you owe. And if you do owe, we can help. We put together THE BEST  guide for students, parents, and graduates for how to avoid, minimize, and/or eliminate their student loan debt burden. Enter your email to get this free guide so you can save thousands of dollars, and be on a path of financially independence.




For High School Students

  • How to structure your high school classes to gain college credit without paying outrageous college tuition. You could save $20-$30,000 just with this one tip.
  • How to make scholarships your golden ticket to a first class education.
  • What questions you need to ask PRIOR to making a decision about which higher education path you'll choose. (They're not what you think...)

For College Students (and Indebted Individuals)

  • The single biggest 'GOTCHA' when it comes to finances in college. Learning this could save you tens of thousands over time.
  • How to seek out and find free money on campus to help you graduate with significantly less debt. Only a fraction of students know about these opportunities.
  • Why paying back your loans requires a strategy different from the one your student loan servicer gives you. 

For Parents (Thinking About Sending Their Kid To College)

  • What questions to ask your children to make sure they understand the ramifications and repercussions of student debt.
  • How to prepare your child (and yourself) for the expenses of college including budgeting, cash flow projecting, and identifying jobs on and near campus. 
  • What recent graduates wish their parents would've told them about finances, borrowing, and how expensive life is "on the other side".